The Roan Family

Ephraim and Elizabeth Roan had six sons and seven daughters. The boys continued the name Roan. The daughters married and begain branches with other names. The sons and daughters were:

    Andrew Roan                            Glennie Roan Starr
    Edgar Roan                               Kittie Jeanie Roan Coppedge

    Harrison and Morton Roan      Laura Roan Thomas
    Leonard Roan                           Leila Roan Owens
​    Jesse Roan                                Edith Roan Starr
                                                       Eulalia Roan Harris

We are their proud descendants! We are family. We all come together to celebrate family and to strengthen the link that connects us all!

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Antoniette Starr (Payne)
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I am the first born of Jesse Starr (son of Edith and Luther Starr). I have a younger brother named Jesse Starr, Jr. Send Antoniette a MessageSend Antoniette a Message
Eulalia Harris (Harris Brooks)
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So looking forward to seeing you.
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