Our family began in Griffin, Georgia but has spread to all parts of the country.  Every other year we gather either in Los Angeles or in Atlanta for a family reunion.  

In 2013, we decided to try something different and come to Maryland.  So, from the shores of the Chesapeak Bay to the banks of the Potomac River, the families of Maryland welcomed you all. We saw the sights of our Nation's Capital and feasted on steamed, spiced crabs!

In 2014, the families in Florida hosted our reunion in the beautiful city of Rockledge on the 'Space Coast' of Florida.  We all enjoyed the soft, sandy beaches and warm waters of the southern Atlantic Ocean and chilled out to those glorious Florida sunsets!

In 2016 we're headed back to Cali where the families of Southern California will once more, host the family reunion.  We will bask in the California sunshine, enjoy the laid back LA style and reunite with family.

It's time to get together to share good times, good food and enjoy one another


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August 18, 2016

Fun In Cali

And A Great Time Was Had By All 

The families of Souther California welcomed us warmly for this year's family reunion.  We enjoyed the laid back fun that only California can provide.  Our Meet & Greet at Rhonda & Dickie's house was so much fun -- from the fish fry to the karaoke machine (so that we could truly laugh at one another's "singing" skiills). Big Fun!  Big Fun! Also, as only the family in the LA area can do, our sign was so great and so very creative.  Much better than any banner we could have developed.

The family picnic at El Dorado Park was great. The setting was beautiful and the food was so, so good.  Of course it doesn't hurt to have Bludsoe's bring their world famous barbecue. Glad we have the family connection.

Sunday champagne brunch at Claim Jumper's was great, too.  The food was taste and plentiful and just getting together made it all the better.  After the brunch, some of the family went on to the Crawfish Festival and others of us went on to Universal to explore the World of Harry Potter.  Fun, Fun, Fun!

Each year we have had a few more cousins attending from places far and near.  This year was no exception. We continue to discover the beauty of famy getting together and of getting to know cousins from all branches of the family. 

Those of us who travelled west for the reunion--we managed to survive the California freeways. Who knows why the 405 is 6-lanes of bumper to bumper traffic all hours of the day and night. Those of us who wimped out on driving or who couldn't get a ride to events, discovered the beauty of Uber!

Thanx, California famiies for hosting this year's reunion.  We got to spend time with family and to re-connect after the long time away from one another.  Family is so important and keeping in touch with everyone and spending time together is what it's all about. Rhonda, Dickie, Eula and the rest, you did the family proud in planning this reunion.

Thanx again, California family and see everyone in FLORIDA next year!!



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