Our family began in Griffin, Georgia but has spread to all parts of the country.  Every other year we gather either in Los Angeles or in Atlanta for a family reunion.  

In 2013, we decided to try something different and come to Maryland.  So, from the shores of the Chesapeak Bay to the banks of the Potomac River, the families of Maryland welcomed you all. We saw the sights of our Nation's Capital and feasted on steamed, spiced crabs!

In 2014, the families in Florida hosted our reunion in the beautiful city of Rockledge on the 'Space Coast' of Florida.  We all enjoyed the soft, sandy beaches and warm waters of the southern Atlantic Ocean and chilled out to those glorious Florida sunsets!

In 2016 we're headed back to Cali where the families of Southern California will once more, host the family reunion.  We will bask in the California sunshine, enjoy the laid back LA style and reunite with family.

It's time to get together to share good times, good food and enjoy one another


By the way, blogs are just another way to chat.  Your comments are welcomed and encouraged.  Come On---don't be shy. Leave us a comment or two.


December 31, 1969

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