The Roan family, as we know it, began with Ephraim and Elizabeth Roan of Griffin, Spalding County, Georgia.  They had fourteen children, thirteen of whom survived.  There were six sons and seven daughters and two sets of twins.
The sons were:
Andrew (1881)
Edgar (1888)
Harrison and Morton (1889)
Leonard (1892)
The daughters were:
Glennie (1878)
Kittie and Jennie (1884)
Laura (1885)
Leila (1887)
Edith (1890)
Eulalia (1898)
The sons continued the proud name of Roan.  The daughters, as they married, began the branches of our family tree, known as Coppedge, Thomas, Owens, Starr, and Harris.
From these strong branches of the tree, from these beginnings, came many wonderful families and even more sets of twins. 
We celebrate the legacy and carry on the traditions.
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