Below are the names of all who will be attending this year's reunion.  Thanx for your love and support.  We are looking forward to good times with family and friends.

Guest RSVP'd
Paris Bolt
Frances Strickland
Victor Decuir
Edward Gresham
Shirley Dixon
Keith Gresham
Reginald Gresham
Jessie Marshell Roan III
Gabriel Douze
Sinaiya Douze
Lucia R Roan
John W. Roan,Jr
Emmanuel Riles
Dana Owens
Carina Owens
Brian Owens
Charlotte Owens
Ira Carr
Ricky Jarvis
Allison Jarvis
Barbara Jarvis
Jewel Palin
Malachi Israel
Patricia Bullock
Eulalia Brooks
Total 25